How does confidential information get shared during a business sale?

It is critical that any discussions that occur in relation to a business sale take place under the protection of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and limited to parties approved by the seller.

Early information exchange is limited and anonymised where required to ensure no competitive advantage can be derived. This can be continued later in the process to protect, for example, specific customer names, or margins by product type.

By creating a Virtual Data Room (VDR), you are establishing a secure environment in which you can share the information required for Due Diligence (DD) in a structured and considered format. The folder structure within a data room is typically highly versatile. It can be designed and configured to reflect specific information requests from your pool of buyers and their advisors.

With the VDR supplied by Initium to our clients, permission settings can be controlled by us (as the administrator) to ensure only certain folders can be accessed by the different advisors. For example, some folders might only be visible to the sell-side team. Each user has their own security protocols, and if required we can also lock data so it can only be viewed online and not downloaded.


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