Unlocking life post-sale

Your partnership with us doesn’t finish once your transaction completes. Become part of Initium’s unique network of 250+ former clients – the Fellows – who have used the sale of their business as a springboard to explore new opportunities, and create lasting impact.

Our Fellows community proves that a business sale isn’t the end. It’s just the start…

Find your freedom as a Fellow

Selling a business and planning life after a transaction can be a lonely experience. Not anymore.

Initium’s Fellows Group is a unique post-transaction network of our former clients, all of whom have successfully sold all or part of their businesses. The founding principles are to share ideas and advice and build personal and professional contacts, supporting the transition to life after a sale.

Our Fellows tell us that their deals had a huge and enduring impact on their quality of life. They all speak of freedom, time, choice, restoring control, and the opportunity to pursue life-long passions. Many mention improved health, fitness, and family relationships.

This exclusive community is, we believe, the largest of its type in the world – and it’s growing with every client we work with.

Introducing the Fellows

  • Network of 250+ former business owners
  • All former Initium clients
  • Meet and mentor other entrepreneurs
  • Build personal and professional connections
  • Support and guidance whatever your goals
  • All new clients become Honorary Fellows!
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Exclusive networking events for entrepreneurs

Relevant and informative guest speakers

Panel events, group discussions and Q&As

What will you do?

The range of activities our Fellows pursue post sale will astonish you. Some choose to give back, donating time to establishing charitable foundations, becoming Non Executive Directors, Foundation Trustees, or mentoring, coaching and advising other businesses.

Others start new business ventures, often in entirely unrelated sectors. From writing best-selling novels, via a new role as a Football Club chairman, to opening a theme park, some start to live out long-held dreams…

“I know… I’ll start a swim school!”

Whatever they do, most initially struggled to come to terms with letting go, and establishing a new identity beyond owning a business. That’s why before, during and after a sale, our clients all appreciate the chance to speak to other Fellows, and compare experiences. As Fellow Andrew Sesemann – who has sold two businesses with us – explains: “Only other entrepreneurs completely understand the issues involved in running and selling your own business.”

For many corporate finance advisors, a transaction is the end goal. At Initium, the clue’s in our name. It’s just the beginning.

Mike Ruck - Initium Fellow

Fellow Mike Ruck sold his IT Services business in 2020. Since then, he’s done a cross-channel swim, run the London marathon – and become involved in a host of community initiatives…

What is impact beyond the deal?

Impact beyond the deal means providing a lived experience to our clients and our colleagues that is beyond expectations and unrivalled in our industry – delivering real and enduring impact way beyond a business sale transaction itself.

Initium: at a glance

  • Established 1989; employee owned from 2022
  • Specialist in private company growth and sale transactions
  • £10m-£100m typical deal value
  • Unlocked over £3bn of value for client businesses
  • Increased company values by 2.5x within 36 months on average*
  • Unique post-sale network of 250+ former clients
  • Sunday Times Best Places To Work 2024
  • Profits distributed to community causes, with a goal of 30% by 2030
  • 100% committed to impact beyond the deal

*For clients using our Value Driver consultancy service

What makes us different

  • We’re employee owned – every single one of us is a stakeholder in your success
  • We’re independent and unbiased – we have no hidden agenda or obligations to other parties
  • Our ethos – it's not just about the transaction. You as a human being, really matter to us
  • Our Fellows network – 250+ former clients can't be wrong
  • You can have life-long membership to this exclusive community, unrivalled in size and vibrancy