At Initium, we’re dedicated to creating positive, enduring impact. A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ‘giving back’ has been part of the DNA of our business since we were first established in the late 1980s. Our transition to employee ownership in 2022 has meant even greater focus in this area, and we have established a dedicated Community Team to manage and allocate our charity budget, and plan and deliver a range of initiatives.

We have long contributed a proportion of revenues to charitable causes in the UK and in India, via The Snowdrop Foundation, a charity established by our founders. As part of Initium’s core values and commitment to giving back, we have set an ambitious target of 30% of profits distributed to impact causes by 2030.

A young, Indian girl playing in the sand on a beach

Our founders’ charity is changing lives in India

Co-owner colleagues take part in volunteer days

…and a whole host of other fundraising initiatives

Multiple fundraising initiatives

Our charity of the year for 2024 is Simon Says, and we are proud to have established partnerships with the Berkshire and Cheshire Community Foundations – regional charitable organisations who raise and distribute money directly to vital local causes.

Other organisations close to the business include Basingstoke-based The Safe – a non-profit charity offering support to families including Pregnancy Crisis, Post-Abortion, Miscarriage and Bereavement – and Newbury Cancer Care, which team members have supported via a series of volunteer days. All Initium colleagues are encouraged to take paid time off to volunteer for and help a wide range of organisations of their choice.

Recent fundraising highlights include the team walking the Jurassic Coast for Simon Says, and Liz Jackson’s 50 for 50 campaign, where Liz – who is blind – took on some daredevil initiatives including a half-marathon on roller skates, and abseiling down the UK’s tallest sculpture, the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London!

Causes we support

  • Snowdrop Foundation
  • Primary Trauma Care Foundation
  • Ellen MacArthur Teenage Cancer Trust
  • The Safe
  • St Michael’s Hospice
  • Living Paintings
  • Ways and Means
  • Kingsclere Cancer Research Fundraiser
  • Chineham Tigers
  • Learn And Thrive

The Snowdrop Foundation

​Our founders, the Rebbettes family, witnessed the suffering and poverty of those in dire need and felt compelled to take action. In 2002, driven by this desire to help, they established The Snowdrop Foundation, a registered charity (number 1093474).

The Snowdrop Foundation was founded with a simple aim: to support and provide opportunities to the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Through projects in India and closer to home in the UK, the charity focuses on supporting orphaned children, widows, and young mothers or mothers-to-be. The Foundation seeks to reduce hardship and build a brighter future for those in the darkest and most desperate circumstances.

St Mark’s School has educated thousands of children from the poorest communities

The Snowdrop Foundation has funded many overseas initiatives to aid the needy. One such project is the construction of the three-storey St Mark’s School in Kakinada, India, which educates over 500 children from the lowest tier of Indian society.

St Mark’s School provides these children with a life-changing opportunity for a positive future, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities. Over the last 20 years, thousands of pupils from the poorest backgrounds have been educated and supported as they move through further education, then university to employment. It is a delight to see young adults from such deprived beginnings start to forge their own lives, become self-sufficient and gain hope for a future beyond poverty.

Additionally, the Foundation has supported various other projects in India, such as the construction of a much-needed orphanage in Bangalore, which provides safety, shelter and comfort to abandoned and orphaned children. Rural schools and communities in Andhra Pradesh have also benefitted from the Foundation’s efforts, along with ostracised leper colonies and many sick and needy individuals.

At Initium, we believe supporting charitable causes positively influences personal and professional development of all staff. As CEO Jonathan Dunn says: “For Initium, charity isn’t a gimmick or a trend. All our co-owner colleagues appreciate that it’s a real opportunity to create impact and change lives in a way that benefits those in society who are much less fortunate than ourselves.”

St Mark’s School, Kakinada

Creating opportunity through education

A safe space for widows and orphans

Why work with Initium?

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