Wainwright Associates sold to YES Pharma

Buckinghamshire-based pharmaceutical consultancy Wainwright Associates Ltd has been acquired by German-based acquirer Yes Pharma Services GmbH, in a transaction advised by Initium.

Founded in 1999, Wainwright Associates is a consultancy specialising in EU regulatory affairs and monitoring the effects of medical drugs. Under the terms of the transaction, Wainwright Associates became part of YES Pharma Services (YES), a knowledge-based service provider in the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics sector based in Friedrichsdorf, Germany.

“Initium provided strong leadership and very welcome support. We would commend their professionalism to others” – Chris and Penelope Wainwright

At the time of the transaction, Chris and Penelope Wainwright of Wainwright said: “We were looking for an arrangement that would secure the future of the company and the team of consultants and support staff who work in it. YES share the same values as we do and we are delighted to be part of the YES multinational group. Throughout the sale process, Initium provided strong leadership and very welcome support. We would commend their professionalism to others in the same situation as we were.”

Post-deal developments

This transaction was a key component in a wider growth strategy for the acquirer. Following the partnership, YES Pharma Services merged with PharmaLex, a leading service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, to become the PharmaLex Group.

As part of the PharmaLex Group, the firm stated its intention to increase service provision. This included more flexible staffing solutions and an enhanced service portfolio, offering a complete range of solutions for development consulting, scientific affairs, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance from a single, unified service provider.

The PharmaLex Group now has 19 international offices in operation and plans to continue to develop local affiliates in key geographical regions.

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