The Diamonds Network

Run by women, for women, Diamonds is an exclusive network for female business leaders at the top of their respective professions. The aim of the network is to actively generate opportunities for women-led businesses, within a culture of kindness and support, and provide a safe space for mentoring, encouragement and peer-to-peer advice.

Established in 2022 by Initium’s Sales & Marketing Director Liz Jackson MBE and likeminded professionals, Diamonds is aimed at women business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in all sectors and/or all stages of business ownership.

The network is free to join by invitation. The only requirement is that members must have a growth mindset, be serious about scaling their business, and fully focused on realising the full potential of their company.

Diamonds brings amazing women business leaders together, where we share our expertise, advice, and contacts in a fun, friendly, open environment

You’re ambitious and so are we. Diamonds has clear, tangible goals. We want to attract inward investment to women-led businesses, and secure more female representation at board and Non-Executive Director (NED) level at companies of all sizes, in all sectors. Ultimately, we want to move the dial, and actively increase the contribution of female-led businesses to UK GDP.

Contact us to join the Diamonds network and find us on LinkedIn.

Time to move the dial…

Stats on women in UK business

  • There are only 47 women with executive directorship roles at FTSE 250 companies
  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female: a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million companies
  • Only 13% of women entrepreneurs scale their business to achieve £1m-£50m turnover, compared to 29% of men
  • Companies with at least one female founder receive a median investment of just £1.2m, compared to £2.5m for companies with all-male founders
  • Only 7.2% of UK-domiciled investment funds are managed by women
  • There are more investment funds run by men called Dave then there are female fund managers in total…

Sources: Cranfield School of Management/EY 2022; Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship/HM Treasury; British Business Bank, Women’s Business Council, United Nations Gender Snapshot 2022/; European Women in VC; Morningstar

Why should I join?

How many other women entrepreneurs do you know currently? Statistics demonstrate that it’s hard enough being a female entrepreneur in the first place – and harder still to get the requisite funding and support to take your business to the next level.

That so-called glass ceiling sometimes feels more like an iron roof. Incredibly, there are more Investment Fund Managers called Dave in the UK (68) than there are female fund managers (45) put together.

It’s so true that business is not just about what you know, but who you know. Diamonds brings amazing women business leaders together, where we share our expertise, advice, and contacts in a fun, friendly, open environment.

You’ll meet women who have taken businesses from their spare room to multi-million revenue enterprises, and elite professionals who can help you access the advice, support and funding you need.

We run a series of regular events at locations around the country, with guest speakers, Q&A sessions, presentations – and a lot of laughs as a bonus.

Feedback from members


  • Amanda Browning
  • Alison Cooper

Supporters / Generous hosts

  • Clarendon Fine Art (Helen Swaby)
  • Rathbones (Rebecca Tunstall)
  • Freeths (Philippa Dempster)
  • Farrer & Co


  • Laura Tenison
  • Rosemary Conley
  • Rosie Ginday MBE
  • Purusha Gordon
  • Kate Shaw
  • Sarah Sowerby

Benefits of joining

  • Meet new professional contacts and build your little black books
  • Actionable advice and support from businesswomen who’ve built, scaled and sold businesses
  • Support and encouragement from your peers on your next steps
  • Friendship and fun: thrive in a safe space with likeminded individuals
  • It’s often lonely at the top – not any more