Advising ambitious business owners up to and beyond a company sale

No getting away from it...

Selling your business may be the most challenging experience of your working life – and many shareholders enter the process woefully underprepared. According to FT Advisor, over 60% of UK business owners have no defined exit plan in place, and Forbes reports that globally, only ~20% of businesses taken to market ever sell. You know the cliché: fail to plan, plan to fail.

At Initium®, we’re all about the plan, and our experience is the polar opposite, with a success rate of over 80%*. We’ll guide you on the first steps towards a more valuable future, and get you exactly where you want to go. We will help you:

  • Understand, shape and maximise the true value in your business prior to an exit
  • Secure the best possible deal terms when the right time comes to sell
  • Achieve freedom, create lasting impact, and exceed your expectations post-sale

*Based on transactions completed 2020-2024

What we do

If you’re a decision-maker in a privately owned business who…

  • Is committed to building a lasting legacy for your business, your team and your clients
  • Generates at least £1m EBITDA, with ambition to reach £2m+
  • Is forward-thinking, open to ideas, and focused on growth
  • Has an ultimate sale price expectation of at least £10m
  • Wants to deliver positive impact and outcomes for all

We can guide you through…

Driving value in your business

For shareholders seeking an evidence-based valuation of your business, and a long-term roadmap for growth and exit

Selling your business

For shareholders looking to pursue a company sale in the next 12 months, including to trade buyers, Private Equity, or even your own staff

Unlocking life post sale

Find your freedom as part of our network of 250+ former clients pursuing new goals and opportunities

Why Initium?

At Initium, we are building on a 35-year history that shows that value goes way beyond the deal itself. We’ve seen hundreds of clients sell for far more than they expected and go on to do amazing things with the freedoms and opportunities a business sale can provide.

Why us? Because we transform, not just transact.

Initium is a very different kind of corporate finance advisor:

  • We’re employee-owned, so everyone you speak to at Initium understands the business-owner mindset
  • We only work for sellers, not buyers – meaning we’re totally shareholder centric, and focused exclusively on maximising the outcome for you
  • We’re committed to our clients, our colleagues and our communities, supporting a range of organisations whose values and purpose align with ours

We’re all about putting people first, thinking big in everything we do, and always pursuing the exceptional.

Initium employee smiling and working on laptop

Trust in our track record

We have completed hundreds of transactions, across multiple sectors. We can guide you on the path to sales to strategic trade acquirers in the UK and overseas, Private Equity deals, MBOs, MBIs and the move to employee ownership – just like us!

Initium works across multiple industries, but we have particular specialist expertise working with clients in the healthcare, industrials, software/technology and testing/inspection sectors.

What our clients say

Our mission

To deliver impact beyond the deal

For everyone who chooses to work with us – clients, colleagues, and the wider community – we want your experience with Initium to be more fulfilling, broader, deeper, and more caring than you will find anywhere else in our industry.

We strive to enhance the well-being of individuals, especially those in need, by providing our selected charities with generous financial and practical support.

For us, for our clients and for our communities, impact beyond the deal itself really matters – that’s why we exist.

Join our ecosystem

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